About Us

Having been in the region since 2003, Mstar Capital group is one of the most experienced investment firms in America and the Asia Pacific. We have comprehensive geographical coverage with offices in U.S.A and Thailand. Mstar capital works with many angel investor and Venture capitalist worldwide that are second to none. Our strength in short-term and long-term investments is driven by teams of experienced professionals who know how to invest and are capable of delivering a stable and massive return of investment to all our clients.

We manage US$ 1.5 Billion of assets globally with an on-the-ground presence in more than 25 markets.

Professional and unique with high capabilities

Mstar capital group offers a multi-style program, allowing our clients to choose what they need and diversify their investments. Our investment strategies are tailored to the market in which we specialize, and our investment teams systematically have proven to be a strong emphasis on risk control. Our teams of experienced professionals who know what they do and manage to give our investors the most profits with a global network that keeps our capital strong and profitable.